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I am doing great and still love my hearing aids. Just love that I can hear. I have been using some of my programs. Sometimes I forget that I have them. Sunday after Mass, my husband and I went to Waffle House. There were some college kids having breakfast and they had that juke box going and cranked up! It was crazy loud! I remembered my program for restaurants, set my hearing aids on it and it really helped! I love being able to talk on my phone and hear through my hearing aids. That is so cool! Thank you for all that you do for the Y and the hearing impaired.
Kathi Jones, on Google+
Hearing again, is the best gift I every gave myself. I can not imagine being with out my NuEar hearing aids. I am very fortunate to have met John and his assistant Theresa. I now can hear so much better and I've listened carefully to his instructions and have kept up with it since my first appointment in December of last year. John is so very knowledgeable and I am now getting use to wearing them. I return periodically to have the volume increased. This bothered me at first and John knew exactly what to do. I put them on each day when I get up and take them off at bedtime. I've learned, through his assistant, how to keep them clean, and add new batteries when needed. I'm confident that all is well and I understand that my hearing will never be the same as it once was, but the hearing, so far, has been such an improvement I could never be ungrateful. Yes, I highly recommend NuEar to anybody who is having hearing difficulties. I give John all the stars that he deserves for the service he supplies, and my thanks for all his care and patience.
Joyce McClure, on Google+
I've had my hearing aids for four months now and am very happy with the way I am hearing. They are so light-weight I sometimes have to feel to see whether or not I have them in my ears. After one adjustment I am hearing even better and know over time my hearing skills will return even more. The service has been very low-key and friendly. I know I will continue wearing these hearing aids, unlike my older, larger ones.
Gayle Austin, on Google+
NuEar has been a WONDERFUL experience of learning to hear again!!!!!!
Beverly Raymond, on Google+
They are such good hearing aids, I do not feel them in my ears! This is my third set of hearing aids. This set I hear much better than I have ever heard before! John Schellman and his staff provides good personal help and are always available. It's a pleasure dealing with them.
Ann Ulmer, on Google+

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