My mother who is 84 has been a client for several years. I went in today with her to help with some reverb from the hearing aids. John was very patient and helpful and walked through all the options to resolve the issue. Very good experience and would highly recommend NuEar Tucker.
deric cameron, on Google
I’m quite a bit younger than John’s average client. I’m 34 and a physician and very active in multiple outdoor pursuits including cycling, mountain biking, triathlons, hiking, backpacking, camping, etc. I am very demanding of my hearing aids, I really rely on them and expect a lot out of them. John has been very good at working to find the best solution to whatever problem I have even when it has taken multiple visits and a lot of experimenting and calling the audiologists at the manufacturer of my hearing aids. As a physician I am aware that it is unreasonable to expect a health care provider to know everything, but I do expect them to be willing to look and dig until they figure it out. John has shown me this and I would definitely recommend others to use his services.
Ryan Berry, on Google
I have been going to NuEar for a couple of years. Excellent, professional and personalized. As a result of their good work, my wife and I are able to communicate much better! I was hearing only a portion of what she was saying to me, and let me tell you -- miscommunication can result in disaster. Furthermore, being able to hear properly in business settings is worth the investment. I recommend this Center highly!
Jonathan Pine, on Google
If there was a 10 stars option, I would choose it, but, I could only select 5 stars. It has been a little over one year since my first appointment to have my hearing checked. After my exam, I was shocked and ashamed at how much I could not hear. John was very assuring that I would be able to hear once he sized me up with hearing aids and he did not disappoint. I cannot tell you how happy I am to actually not have to blast my radio or television. I want to give a special shoutout to Cynthia who is so kind and professional. I would recommend this hearing center. I am sending the entire office 100 thanks and my appreciation for them.
Rosa Kee, on Google
Very helpful with a key factor of getting old. Explains metering situations. Maintains proper equipment. Very good staff and very responsive.
Roy Herring, on Google

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